Lost in the Land of Love

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Lost in the land of love and dreamsI sit by a gurgling, burbling, rumbling streamLost in the land of love and rainbowsI lay my head on the soft green grass and watch as the sun goesby. I am lostIn a land of loveI am lostIn a dream Lost in the … Continue reading Lost in the Land of Love

It could’ve been…

More often than not, those people have beautiful souls and spirits, the kind that your soul has been searching for, for eons. Too often, they're the people who could've totally understood you, who you could've been best friends with. And once in a while, there's that person who could've been your soulmate, who was right in every aspect except the most important one, the one that was the deciding factor. 😔

Desert Spirit

Yet, there was nothing to be seen. Not a shriveled up soul, not an old barren tree. And there was nothing to be heard. Not the gurgle of a dying creature, not even the whisper of the winds. And, there was nothing to be smelt, touched, or tasted, except for burnt sand. The traveler was surrounded by sand that stretched out for miles around him.

Introducing m’humble self

I would like to express my quaint thoughts and share them with others here; perhaps I may find kindred spirits. I believe thoughts can reveal a deeper self, a self that many of us to often keep hidden away, whatever the reason may be. Here, I would like to share that part of me without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Here, I can freely expose my mind, I can reveal my vulnerability, I can truly be me!